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Log-Analyse und Auswertung: PC stürzt dauernd ab

Windows 7 Wenn Du Dir einen Trojaner eingefangen hast oder ständig Viren Warnungen bekommst, kannst Du hier die Logs unserer Diagnose Tools zwecks Auswertung durch unsere Experten posten. Um Viren und Trojaner entfernen zu können, muss das infizierte System zuerst untersucht werden: Erste Schritte zur Hilfe. Beachte dass ein infiziertes System nicht vertrauenswürdig ist und bis zur vollständigen Entfernung der Malware nicht verwendet werden sollte.

Alt 05.11.2004, 15:44   #1
PC stürzt dauernd ab - Standard

PC stürzt dauernd ab


habe die merkwürdigsten Abstürze. Mal geht er aus wenn er nix macht ausser Internetverbindung und surfen. Mal geht er aus unter Belastung. Mal friert der Bildschirm ein. Heute wieder was neues ... er bringt mir als ich eine Internetseite öffnen will einige Fehlermeldungen und da drin stand auch was von drwtsn32.exe reagiert nicht und muss beendet werden. Ich habe aber kein Dr. Watson von MS laufen.

Habe jetzt mal ein HijackThis-Log erstellt und möchte das jetzt posten, weil langsam krieg ich nen Hals

* HijackThis v1.98 *
Written by Merijn - merijn@spywareinfo.com

See bottom for version history.

The different sections of hijacking possibilities have been separated into these groups:
R - Registry, StartPage/SearchPage changes
R0 - Changed registry value
R1 - Created registry value
R2 - Created registry key
R3 - Created extra registry value where only one should be
F - IniFiles, autoloading entries
F0 - Changed inifile value
F1 - Created inifile value
F2 - Changed inifile value, mapped to Registry
F3 - Created inifile value, mapped to Registry
N - Netscape/Mozilla StartPage/SearchPage changes
N1 - Change in prefs.js of Netscape 4.x
N2 - Change in prefs.js of Netscape 6
N3 - Change in prefs.js of Netscape 7
N4 - Change in prefs.js of Mozilla
O - Other, several sections which represent:
O1 - Hijack of auto.search.msn.com with Hosts file
O2 - Enumeration of existing MSIE BHO's
O3 - Enumeration of existing MSIE toolbars
O4 - Enumeration of suspicious autoloading Registry entries
O5 - Blocking of loading Internet Options in Control Panel
O6 - Disabling of 'Internet Options' Main tab with Policies
O7 - Disabling of Regedit with Policies
O8 - Extra MSIE context menu items
O9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitems and buttons
O10 - Breaking of Internet access by New.Net or WebHancer
O11 - Extra options in MSIE 'Advanced' settings tab
O12 - MSIE plugins for file extensions or MIME types
O13 - Hijack of default URL prefixes
O14 - Changing of IERESET.INF
O15 - Trusted Zone Autoadd
O16 - Download Program Files item
O17 - Domain hijack
O18 - Enumeration of existing protocols and filters
O19 - User stylesheet hijack
O20 - AppInit_DLLs autorun Registry value
O21 - ShellServiceObjectDelayLoad (SSODL) autorun Registry key
O22 - SharedTaskScheduler autorun Registry key

You can get more detailed information about an item by selecting it from the list of found items or highlighting the relevant line above, and clicking 'Info on selected item'.

* Version history *
* Definitive support for Japanese/Chinese/Korean systems
* Added O20 (AppInit_DLLs) in light of newer trojans
* Added O21 (ShellServiceObjectDelayLoad, SSODL) in light of newer trojans
* Added O22 (SharedTaskScheduler) in light of newer trojans
* Backups of fixed items are now saved in separate folder
* HijackThis now checks if it was started from a temp folder
* Added a small process manager (Misc Tools section)
* Lots of bugfixes and small enhancements! Among others:
* Fix for Japanese IE toolbars
* Fix for searchwww.com fake CLSID trick in IE toolbars and BHO's
* Attributes on Hosts file will now be restored when scanning/fixing/restoring it.
* Added several files to the LSP whitelist
* Fixed some issues with incorrectly re-encrypting data, making R0/R1 go undetected until a restart
* All sites in the Trusted Zone are now shown, with the exception of those on the nonstandard but safe domain list
* Added a new regval to check for from Whazit hijack (Start Page_bak).
* Excluded IE logo change tweak from toolbar detection (BrandBitmap and SmBrandBitmap).
* New in logfile: Running processes at time of scan.
* Checkmarks for running StartupList with /full and /complete in HijackThis UI.
* New O19 method to check for Datanotary hijack of user stylesheet.
* Google.com IP added to whitelist for Hosts file check.
* Fixed a bug in the Check for Updates function that could cause corrupt downloads on certain systems.
* Fixed a bug in enumeration of toolbars (Lop toolbars are now listed!).
* Added imon.dll, drwhook.dll and wspirda.dll to LSP safelist.
* Fixed a bug where DPF could not be deleted.
* Fixed a stupid bug in enumeration of autostarting shortcuts.
* Fixed info on Netscape 6/7 and Mozilla saying '%shitbrowser%' (oops).
* Fixed bug where logfile would not auto-open on systems that don't have .log filetype registered.
* Added support for backing up F0 and F1 items (d'oh!).
* Added mclsp.dll (McAfee), WPS.DLL (Sygate Firewall), zklspr.dll (Zero Knowledge) and mxavlsp.dll (OnTrack) to LSP safelist.
* Fixed a bug in LSP routine for Win95.
* Made taborder nicer.
* Fixed a bug in backup/restore of IE plugins.
* Added UltimateSearch hijack in O17 method (I think).
* Fixed a bug with detecting/removing BHO's disabled by BHODemon.
* Also fixed a bug in StartupList (now version 1.52.1).
* Fixed two stupid bugs in backup restore function.
* Added DiamondCS file to LSP files safelist.
* Added a few more items to the protocol safelist.
* Log is now opened immediately after saving.
* Removed rd.yahoo.com from NSBSD list (spammers are starting to use this, no doubt spyware authors will follow).
* Updated integrated StartupList to v1.52.
* In light of SpywareNuker/BPS Spyware Remover, any strings relevant to reverse-engineers are now encrypted.
* Rudimentary proxy support for the Check for Updates function.
* Added rd.yahoo.com to the Nonstandard But Safe Domains list.
* Added 8 new protocols to the protocol check safelist, as well as showing the file that handles the protocol in the log (O18).
* Added listing of programs/links in Startup folders (O4).
* Fixed 'Check for Update' not detecting new versions.
* Added check for Lop.com 'Domain' hijack (O17).
* Bugfix in URLSearchHook (R3) fix.
* Improved O1 (Hosts file) check.
* Rewrote code to delete BHO's, fixing a really nasty bug with orphaned BHO keys.
* Added AutoConfigURL and proxyserver checks (R1).
* IE Extensions (Button/Tools menuitem) in HKEY_CURRENT_USER are now also detected.
* Added check for extra protocols (O18).
* Added 'ignore non-standard but safe domains' option.
* Improved Winsock LSP hijackers detection.
* Integrated StartupList updated to v1.4.
* Fixed a few bugs.
* Adds detecting of free.aol.com in Trusted Zone.
* Adds checking of URLSearchHooks key, which should have only one value.
* Adds listing/deleting of Download Program Files.
* Integrated StartupList into the new 'Misc Tools' section of the Config screen!
* Improves detecting of O6.
* Some internal changes/improvements.
* Adds backup function! Yay!
* Added check for default URL prefix
* Added check for changing of IERESET.INF
* Added check for changing of Netscape/Mozilla homepage and default search engine.
* Fixes Runtime Error when Hosts file is empty.
* Added enumerating of MSIE plugins
* Added check for extra options in 'Advanced' tab of 'Internet Options'.
* Adds 'Uninstall & Exit' and 'Check for update online' functions.
* Expands enumeration of autoloading Registry entries (now also scans for .vbs, .js, .dll, rundll32 and service)
* Adds repairing of broken Internet access (aka Winsock or LSP fix) by New.Net/WebHancer
* A few bugfixes/enhancements
* Adds detecting of extra MSIE context menu items
* Added detecting of extra 'Tools' menu items and extra buttons
* Added 'Confirm deleting/ignoring items' checkbox
* Adds 'Ignorelist' and 'Info' functions
* Supports BHO's, some default URL changes
* Original release

A good thing to do after version updates is clear your Ignore list and re-add them, as the format of detected items sometimes changes.

Ich habe XP Professional, dieser Rechner fungiert als Server hat also eine Netzwerkkarte onboard und eine PC fürs Netzwerk der Clients. Dann laufen im Hintergrund Pest Patrol und Trend Micro Internet Security Vers. 11 - 2004 beide auf dem neuesten Stand. Als Internetbrowser nutze ich vorwiegend Mozilla Firefox V1 RC2. Aber Probleme mit dem PC hatte ich auch schon in Punkto Absturz lange vor SP2 und Mozilla.

Naja ... vielleicht findet hier ja jemand etwas.


Alt 05.11.2004, 17:13   #2
PC stürzt dauernd ab - Standard

PC stürzt dauernd ab

Bitte poste ein HijackThis Logfile, wie auf der verlinkten Seite beschrieben.


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