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Alles rund um Windows: Opera 7.10 BETA 1 zum download/ testen bereit

Windows 7 Hilfe zu allen Windows-Betriebssystemen: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8(.1) und Windows 10 - als auch zu sämtlicher Windows-Software. Alles zu Windows 10 ist auch gerne willkommen. Bitte benenne etwaige Fehler oder Bluescreens unter Windows mit dem Wortlaut der Fehlermeldung und Fehlercode. Erste Schritte für Hilfe unter Windows.

Alt 03.04.2003, 16:14   #1
Opera 7.10 BETA 1 zum download/ testen bereit - Beitrag

Problem: Opera 7.10 BETA 1 zum download/ testen bereit

Subject: Opera 7.10 Newsgroup Beta available for download
From: "Johan H. Borg" <johan@opera.com>
Message-ID: <oprm1vuvzcdf8jiz@localhost>
Newsgroups: opera.beta

Please discuss this release in the opera.beta newsgroup, before submitting
bugs to our BTS (Bug Tracking System). We recommend that you not install it
over a current version of Opera.

Download from

Opera 7.1 for Windows has the following changelog:

M2, Opera's new e-mail and news client

* Automatically mark messages as read after X seconds if they are in a view
where read messages can be shown. View->Mark as read to turn on.
* M2 remembers sorting of e-mail messages between sessions
* When using mark all as read on a folder, m2 will now only mark read
messages that are actually visible in the access point (not hidden
newsgroup messages for instance).
* Let space bar used in mail be page down and when at bottom, mark as read
and go to next unread, and if no more unread, go to next normal read
* Resize column headers
* Improved status indication in M2
* Keyboard navigation in M2: F7 focuses Hotlist panel, F8 mail headers, F9
* Inherit filter from parent folder added to m2 filters. More exactly:
Limits filtering to messages contained in parent.
* IMAA-support (should solve problems with unicode in incoming from

User interface features

* Cookie Manager implemented
* Wand Manager implemented
* Notes panel: Select some text on a page, press Ctrl+Shift+C (copy to
note). The lower HotList pane is a text field where you can edit the
selected note real-time, no saving needed. Text on a webpage copied
directly to a note (Copy to note) becomes a special web note with a
different icon and double clicking the note opens that web page url (but
does not scroll down) and auto selects the text
* Added Page Info panel in HotList
* FastForward can now be used as a "slide show" on galleries, like
* Improved fast forward, everything is now defined in fastforward.ini
* When spacing to bottom of page, invoke fast forward
* Added .shtml as extension for html documents in addition to .htm, .html,
since shtml is commonly used by web servers
* It is now possible to change view style both in hotlist and in bookmark
* Support for an alternative Ctrl+TAB mode
* Export Bookmarks file as html
* Enhanced tooltips for bookmarks and Page bar tabs
* Added 'Rewind' button to jump back quickly
* Support for downloading setup files for menus and keyboard shortcuts.
Accessibility Features
* Pressing down arrow in a single line edit field (in forms for example)
will now open a dropdown menu with personal info and all notes. Similiarly,
pressing down in To,CC,BCC opens the same kind of menu as pressing the
To,cc,bcc buttons.

More features
* :hover and :active now only apply to links (as in, hover and/or active
without any other selector)
* The Transfer panel now contains two columns, where the last toggles
between filesize and progress
* Changes in Transfer panel
* Preferences redone/reorganized/improved
* Added options for location of progress bar
* First time setup dialog
* Various improvements to the Wand (save for page or entire server)
* Improved bookmark handling, including split view and flat/single folder
* Manage contacts dialog
* Improved bookmark import
* The new setup manager with options on first run
* Status bar text when hovering bookmarks and contacts
* Status bar text for items in the personal toolbar
* Support for actions in bookmark folders
* Fixed a hang on pages that used % height on replaced content in tables
* Plugins: avoid JS url loading when JS is switched off.
* Made it possible to tab to the Hotlist selector
* Fix for @media handheld (which can be used to override SSR)

bei fragen und fehlerberichten bitte an news.opera.beta wenden



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